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“What are you doing, kiddo? You really going to go through with this?”

Don’t just pay attention to what Joel is saying, but how he’s saying this. There’s a pinch of disappointment in his voice. You think he wanted this for Ellie? You think that when he was carrying her out of that hospital and choosing her life over the possibility of a vaccine/cure, that THIS is what he had in mind?

This trailer is symbolism in its purest form. Joel’s spirit watching over Ellie as she plays the guitar - Her deepest connection to him - And he’s almost pleading with her to turn around, let it go, and move on with her life. 

If you had told Joel that THIS would be the consequence of his choice - Ellie living a life of hatred, contempt, sorrow, trauma, and loneliness? That may very well make him reconsider. Because a life THAT miserable? A life that painful? Lonely? And hateful?
That’s worse than death.