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Chris Hu said:
Shaunodon said:

Mate, if I coached a team with D-Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen and prime LeBron, I'd have two titles too. They also do not have a better defense than the Bucks.

Those stats are pretty much meaningless since playoff basketball is a whole different animal then the regular season.  Also Spoelstra was one of the key assistant coaches when the Heat won the title in 2006 so actually he has tree rings but people like to forget that also.

So when you're making a point in your favor, it means something, but when someone else points out something factually correct, the stats are now meaningless? Funny how that works.

Spoelstra wasn't the one making lineup decisions, drawing plays, controlling minutes and rotations and having the overall final say in any decisions on the fly in crucial games in 2006. If we counted the rings of every assistant coach who has ever been on a title team, there'd be far more prominent names than Eric Spoelstra.