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PAOerfulone said:

This is a landmark moment right here. Donald Sterling is child’s play compared to this.

How the rest of the teams, the rest of the league, the owners, and Adam Silver respond to this will seriously impact the political and civil landscape of this country. A lot will be riding on their next move.
One thing is for sure: The era/fantasy of keeping sports out of politics/civil issues and vice-versa are over.

No one outside of the state of Wisconsin is a bigger Bucks fan than me. These past two years have been the greatest run of success my Bucks have ever had in my active fandom (I was born around the time of their 80s success and became a fan in the 90s). Never in my lifetime have I ever been able to realistically dream of celebrating a title until now.

With that being said, I am a black man first. I am a black man whose stomach churns every time I see a white person with a badge and/or gun, who has stared down the the barrel of rifles and handguns being pointed at the heads of myself and my loved ones just from being pulled over for speeding, and who has seen and heard a lot of shit in my time that would never fly now if it was caught on camera.

The Bucks have given me very little to be proud of in the more than quarter century of my fandom, but they've given me a lot of proud moments in the past few years. And I have never been more behind the team than right now. This is my proudest moment as a fan.

My understanding is that the Rockets and Thunder (OKC is my sidechick - I'm from Oklahoma) are preparing to do the same.

Don't fucking tell them to stick to sports, or to shut up and dribble. They aren't your slaves, and they owe you nothing. This is bigger than sports.