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Normally, I have a greater affinity for Marvel than I do DC, although I enjoy both when the product is good.  But, I didn't have a great interest in Square Enix's Avengers game from the get go.  For starters, the characters in the game have that off-putting look of trying to look like the movie characters without actually bothering to pay the licensing fees for the actors likenesses.  I know that Square Enix is claiming that they want to leverage the comic books more without being tied down to the movies.  But, if you look at the different mediums, its pretty clear which look they based the game animation off of.

Comic Book



On top of that, you have Spider-Man paywall locked behind PlayStation, and the whole thing just ends up leaving a bad taste in the mouth.  I hadn't been following Gotham Knights development, but now that I look into it, it has definitely captured my interest more.