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Hiku said:

High quality version of the gameplay video is up.

Xxain said:
So they're following up on the Arkham Knight ending? I'm surprised. Wonder how they'll return it back to status quo

Barozi said:

Yeah Batman is dead.... of course.

Because the ending of Arkham Knight didn't look staged at all.

Xxain said:

My guy. Duuuuuuuuuh. Just in case it wasnt clear that it was staged it is confirmed as much in Arkham Knight. I'm just interested on how they will do in regards to Bruce being outed. Hopefully its clever and nothing cheesy.

EDIT - I'm thinking they'll use scarecrows as a excuse; it was a illusion.

This game doesn't seem to be following the Arhham Knight ending.
In this trailer, Bruce mentions that 

Gordon is dead.

That was not the case at the end of Arkham Knight.

Guys Arkham Knight is 5 years old. What are you spoiler tagging for its waay past the "protected threshold".

We dont know how much time has passed between Knight and Knights. It mentions the entire police force has become corrupted. Gordon could have been killed (assuming its true) sometime after Knight which results in that.