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DonFerrari said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Ehm... If those specs are correct you've been had.

GTX 970 never shipped with a 128bit bus, they all came with their weird 224+32 (3.5GB +512MB) bus.

192 streaming cores is way too low, too, GTX 970 comes with 1664 of those.

Finally, the GTX 970 had a base clock of 1050 Ghz and a turbo of 1178 as it's base specs.

So, what I fear you got there was a slightly overclocked GTX 630 with GK 107 core design (there are other variants based on Fermi's GF 108), which normally came with 875Mhz and GDDR3 instead of GDDR5 but there are GTX 640 GPUs based on the same chip with GDDR5, and the rest of the specs fit.

Seems like in China they have made some odd versions. There is a 5Gb 1060 or 1080.

When it arrives I'll test and do some verification on it, and post here. But yep I'm very aware that I'll receive something less than 970, but in the end it was a 52USD card, in Brazil I would have to pay 3 or 4 times this for this board. I plan to buy a decent 200USD in USA and sell this one

Yeah, some Chinese variations are just plain weird.

Still, if the specs are true, you made a bad deal. I don't know the prices of an RX 550 or GT 1030 in Brazil, but those shouldn't be much more expensive yet run circles around a GPU witch such specs.