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Shadow1980 said:

Chart time!

Hardware continues its downward slide from the heights of March & especially April. The COVID bump did amazing things for HW sales, but now we're back to something approaching normalcy. I say "approaching" because while the PS4 & XBO were already back to being down YoY in June, the XBO hardly sold anything in July (can't sell what's not available to sell), and the Switch is still experiencing residual gains, though those are steadily declining. I suspect the Switch return to being down YoY no later than September. How much it'll be down remains to be seen, but with Switch already being up over 1.7M units YTD in 2020 from 2019, it's highly unlikely for its 2020 as a whole to be down from 2019. I think it'll end the year somewhere in the 6.5-7M range, making it one of the best years for a system ever, definitely in the Top 10 if we exclude pure handhelds. This is assuming that A) Nintendo doesn't have some major software release and/or a price cut of some kind, either permanent or temporary, and B) there isn't another round of stimulus checks by year's end. Either of those could potentially push the Switch to 7.5M or more.

More charts to come later.

You should realize the only reasons Switch numbers are not much higher is because there are stock ussue. And mostly you are givin too much credit to COVID and Ignoring others factors for Switch being up YOY. Expecting Switch to be down YOY by ~1 million in the second half of the year is unrealistic.

7.5 million should be the floor, not the most optimist scenario.