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Shaunodon said:

With no Halo, these are very much just run-of-the-mill launch lineups. The most interesting part will be the price discrepancy between the multiple skus, and the difference in performance of multi-plats.

Just patiently waiting for next E3. They'll both sell well out the gate regardless, but I don't expect much excitement from next-gen before then.

SpiderMan MM, DeS on Sony's side look pretty good, and their lineup for 2021 is incredibly solid.
It's a much better launch year than any recent console, beside the Switch.

I'm starting to doubt the SeX sells all that well tbh, the excitement is nonexistent and it looks like it's going to be costlier than the PS5. It's 3 months from launch, and while Sony has a bunch of announcements left for momentum, MS is pretty much done. They only have to finally announce Series S, which they know will muddy all their marketing.