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NightlyPoe said:

Think you need to redefine "dagger".  That shot came with the game tied and over 3 minutes left!

Just one of those games were the Blazers got hot in the 4th.  McCollum, Carmelo, and Trent all hit big shots on top of Lillard's signature shots and Whiteside owned the paint.

Forget the free throws, that's just media narrative looking to boil the game down to one factor.  In the grand scheme of things, they were no more meaningful than missing mid-range shots on consecutive trips.  The Lakers just can't shoot in general at the moment.  That's making the difference.  You go 35% from the field and 15% from 3 and you're usually going to lose games by a whole lot more than 7 points.

That and Avery Bradley deciding to be a flake and costing the team the perimeter defense they really need against teams like Portland in the West.

When an opposing player knocks down a shot from near half-court to take the lead, especially after your two best players both missed a pair of free throws, that'll take the wind right out of your sails. I don't care who you are, that's a spirit breaker. Melo and Trent's big shots were set up by Dame's shot and Whiteside's defense. That shot was the turning point. It completely shifted the momentum of the game in Portland's favor. So yes, it was the dagger.

As for the free throws. They're called 'free' throws for a reason. Those are gimme points that the defense is just giving to you. You have to knock them down, especially in crunch time in the playoffs. Absolutely inexcusable. That would have put the Lakers up 4 if A.D. and LeBron had knocked them down and that could've changed the momentum in the Lakers favor. 

So, opting out in order to protect his family, including his six-year old son who has a history of respiratory illnesses (Meaning: He's at risk) makes Avery Bradley a flake? Good to know. He made a decision to put his family first, basketball second, and he shouldn't be faulted for it. If anything, he should be praised. 

Last edited by PAOerfulone - on 20 August 2020