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JRPGfan said:
Dulfite said:
Pardon my ignorance, lifelong Nintendo fan here who is heavily considering buying Series X. Is Fable similar to Zelda but in more of a sarcastic way?

fable 3 gameplay:

Srex117 said:

Its nowhere near Zelda. Zelda is exploration game while Fable is straight forward game with little exploration. It is almost like saying that Gears of War and Mass Effect are similar games just because both games are played from third person and they both have guns

Its basically move  from A-> B -> C, and your guided the whole way, judgeing from the video above.
But this is a older game, perphaps a newer fable would be more modern in its take, and not hold your hand, and direct you so much.

Basically Fable has smaller "maps/sandboxes" which you can explore in order to collect chests, keys, gargoyles and so forth, each sandbox has set defined paths out of the area.
It does guide you along a progression path to push the story narrative.

Fable 2 did open things up significantly over Fable 1.

It's not open world by any means, but it's not a linear corridor either.

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