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So Fortnite isn't on Android or iOS, Epic clearly overplayed their hand. Watch them come back crawling or fade into irrelevance into the smartphone space. Don't get it twisted, every major app developer knows that they need to be on smartphones/tablets or they'll get replaced. Remember the days when Photoshop and MS Office were a dream on iOS? Alternatives popped up everywhere and Adobe caved. 

lol@"Androod haz alternative storez", even the successful alternatives aren't as generous as you make them out to be, Amazon app store takes a 30% cut for example, just like Apple and Google do. Not to mention, a game like fortnite relies on a huge community to continue to succeed. You're either too naive or too blinded by your bias to pretend that Fornite unavailability on the Play store is a non-issue, come off it. 

Overall, Google and Apple stores are equally important to both companies, Google timing makes me believe that the move against Epic was coordinated. Swift.