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xMetroid said:
DonFerrari said:

Well it could happen, don't think so, and even PS3 at those obscene price 14 years ago managed to sell well on launch.

The point is that on the thread about if PS5 or Series X would win launch window between them a lot of people wanted to discuss that Switch would outsell both with its sales this holiday (which was off-topic, but they complained that Switch should be included on discussion no matter what), so I created this thread. And even so if you look at answers and pool quite some people think Switch launch was stronger than PS5 and Series X will manage to do.

That's delusional people thinking the Switch launch was massive which wasn't. It started slow in the first year tbh mainly because of stock issues. It was a good launch for a March release but not close to what a console would normally do in a Fall release. 

Not that, they wanted for some reason to compare PS5 and Series X/S to Switch 2020 Holiday for who knows why.

Ryng said:
also Don Switch should be March-April, not March-May that's 3 months.

It is march 3rd to may 5th, so it is 2 months.

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