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Imaginedvl said:

DonFerrari said:

Both companies seem to be willing to be aggressive on pricing of at least least on their cheaper version.

Yes :) That's my hope! But until I see it, I will be cautious about that and assume it will be 599$ or + (and I know that I am in minority here, just trying to not set my expectations too high so it will be a nice surprise ).

Well it could happen, don't think so, and even PS3 at those obscene price 14 years ago managed to sell well on launch.

xMetroid said:
What's the point of this honestly ? Of course they will beat the Switch with Black Friday + Holiday seasons in the first 2 months vs Switch having a slow period.
We still don't have the lineup for both and the price.

The point is that on the thread about if PS5 or Series X would win launch window between them a lot of people wanted to discuss that Switch would outsell both with its sales this holiday (which was off-topic, but they complained that Switch should be included on discussion no matter what), so I created this thread. And even so if you look at answers and pool quite some people think Switch launch was stronger than PS5 and Series X will manage to do.

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