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RolStoppable said:
DonFerrari said:

Yes launch aligned Switch have sold more than PS4, but not in any way similar to the difference of switch launch window+holidays versus PS4 launch + first march and april. And again if there was more inventory PS4 and Switch would have sold more on launch, showing that for launch it being on holiday doesn't necessarily improve sales that much.

It is beneficial to launch as early as possible, if holiday would be so much better then why didn't Nintendo wait for Holiday in 2017 to launch? Sony had released outside of holiday in the past. And you can bet that if Nintendo could have launched on Holiday 2016 they would have, but that is because they would like to launch earlier than later.

The problem with this March+April+November+December comparison is that for Switch it's a combination of months that required Nintendo to release big system sellers whereas for Sony March+April had little relevance.

Switch was planned to launch during the holiday season 2016, but it wouldn't make sense to delay the launch by a full year when you can't make that date. The benefit of a holiday launch is mitigation of risk; companies can count on a strong second month in addition to a good first month and that's crucial for building the initial installed base to increase third party developer interest and confidence. But this benefit would not have justified it for Nintendo to sit on finished games until the holiday season 2017; they have fixed expenses to cover, so Switch's launch got postponed by only three months. But I suppose you believed that March 2017 was Nintendo's original target when you made your argument; it wasn't.

Nope I did believe it was Holiday 2016. But I have had people saying that if Nintendo wanted to release on Holiday they would have more inventory.

But yes I do agree that releasing on Holidays is safer, still for both PS4 and Switch they were very much limited by inventory.

Imaginedvl said:
DonFerrari said:

Why do you think PS5 and Series will do like half of what their predecessors made on launch? PS4 and X1 also didn't had killer apps.

The price, simple as that.

I think right now, with the Corona Virus and all that. People are not going to be able to spend as much (at least part of the target population).
Maybe they will surprise us with the price and then I will def. adjust this way up. 

Both companies seem to be willing to be aggressive on pricing of at least least on their cheaper version.

PotentHerbs said:

Are we comparing launch periods (IE. first 2 - 3 months) or just the launch week?

Either way, PS5 is going to crush all sorts of records when it launches, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony moved 3 - 4 Million PS5's on launch week if they had enough supply to meet demand. Series X has a slight chance to outsell the Switch too because its launching during the holidays. 

Thread is launch window (2 months), but sure you can comment first week if you like.

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