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Signalstar said:
Imaginedvl said:

I do not agree with the "weak launch lineup" for the Switch.
Zelda WAS a console seller and I could not say the same about any game coming out for the 2 next gens.

The games you are mentioning are ALL available on current gens. This is a very different story.

While I am actually looking forward to play those games on my Series X, I do not need it and nobody will need to buy a next gen console to play them. Zelda, was a Switch game, for the Switch. And it moved a LOT of console :)

But... Zelda was a Wii U game too. No one needed to buy a Switch to play it either.

Hum... True, I thought the WiiU version did not sell as near as the Switch one (esp. in the first few months and it was pretty abysmal)?
Honestly, that is what I recall at least (Did not check any numbers today) :) So if this was not the case, then yah maybe calling it a console seller may be a stretch but at the same time, it really had a huge impact which none of the launch titles on the 2 next gens will have imo.