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Imaginedvl said:

I have a hard time believing they will achieve that honestly.
Both have a so so lunch line up and while they have clearly a big upgrade from the current generation, they are still that, an upgrade until new games are coming out (Halo, Flight Simulator for Microsoft) and (Horizon Dawn, GT for Sony) that will really use the machine's internals.

The Switch cames up with Zelda (and few others) which, by itself, sold the console :)

Would say:

Sony: 2.5M
Microsoft: 1.5M

Why do you think PS5 and Series will do like half of what their predecessors made on launch? PS4 and X1 also didn't had killer apps.

RolStoppable said:

Are we talking about two or three months now? Thread title, poll and original post are all over the place.

I'll answer for the two-month-period. The PS5 is bound to be the highest because it's a holiday launch and has global appeal, unlike the upcoming Xbox. Second place goes to Xbox because of a holiday launch. That leaves Switch in third.

Hopefully this finally buries the misbelief that a holiday launch means a wasted holiday season. A holiday launch means that month 1 and 2 are equally good whereas launching outside the holiday season results in a significant dropoff from month 1 to month 2.

EDIT: Switch managed 3.06m in its first two months, so yes, there's little doubt that the new Xbox is going to beat that, and the PS5 will beat the box.

It is 2 months. Switch launched March 3rd so for two full months on fiscal weeks would be May 3rd, not sure what mind fart I did to put June there.

About the holiday launch, you know that Switch didn't sell more on launch because it was out of inventory. It did in fact had basically a launch and holiday period while the other 2 had both together. If you sum March+April for Sony and MS with their launch versus Switch launch+1st holiday it is clear that it benefited Switch.

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