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So let me get this straight. The new Avengers game you play as basically the stunt doubles of the MCU. When you pick Thor or Hulk. You still fight normal human dudes with guns and it takes 3-4 hits to take them down. WHAT?! You shitting me?! Anyone else not seeing the problem? Hulk and Thor should punch them to a mist of blood in one hit. Into atoms. Maybe they are holding back...THEN WHY ARE THEY PUTTING SO MUCH EFFORT IN THE ANIMATION?! See in MUA3 they are fighting mutants. Robots. Spawns from Hell. Aliens. Shit, you can believe that oh I dunno, seems plausible to take effort for them to fight! I mean fuck this POS for being Gaas and AAA greed but even if it was not. For this reason alone this game is stupid. If they can't even get a basic immersion down then this game is just not good.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!