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tbone51 said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

The big question is: Will the Switch be able to reach double the sales before the launch of the Lite makes that close to impossible? It's just 250k behind doubling last year's sales in the same timeframe, so it's quite possible if the sales can stay around 110k weekly.

Does it have a chance??? It has to do it before W38 but I dunno.... 110k weekly won’t do the trick, it has to be done by week 34 cuz 35-37 NSW would need 200k weeklys for. Check it out below....

2019 (x2) vs 2020!!!

W32: 3566k - 3314k

W33: 3666k

W34: 3726k

W35: 3907k 

W36: 4062k

W37: 4165k

W38: lol 

edit: it needs to sell 413k in 2 weeks, but the drop after ObON might be rough. I can see W33 doing 250k, if it does then it would need 163k the following week. Or maybe but only if W33 is massive with something like 300k then it’s definitely more doable with a follow up at 113k weekly

looking at week35 it needs just under 600k in 3 weeks, that’s when hope is lost imo. Let’s hope it gets 413k sales then!!

Yeah, I miscalculated. I took the numbers from now for last year instead of in 5 weeks, my bad. Which means it would need 172k per week, and that's just too much.