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src said:
Marth said:


List of best sellers:

Capcom : MHW (8-10 million on PS4)

SE: prior FFXV (7 million+ on PS4), now FF7R (PS4 exclusive)

TK: Nioh (PS4 timed exclusive)

Atlus: Persona 5 (PS4 exclusive)

NB: DBZ/Naruto/Tekken (all had the vast majority of sales/userbase on PS4)

DBZ? Where a late Switch port outsold the original PS4 release? Yeah, right...

Also, FF XV is available on XBO, and more crucially, PC. Those 7M are across all platforms (actually, it's 8.9M by now), and I doubt PS4 makes more than 5M out of them. Also, considering all the hype around the game, FF7R sales can be described as lackluster at best. It passed 5M just recently, where the original sold twice that on a much smaller install base.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 16 August 2020