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Announced Playable Characters:

Captain America
- Iron-Man
- Thor
- Hulk
- Black Widow
- Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)
- Hawk Eye
Spider-Man (PlayStation Exclusive)

Unannounced Playable Characters:

- Ant Man
- Wasp
- Vision
- Black Panther
- Dr. Strange
- Falcon
- Mar-Vell
- Mockingbird
- Quake
- Winter Soldier
- Scarlet Witch
- Captain Marvel
- Kate Bishop
- She-Hulk
- War Machine

Other Character Mentions:

- Frenzy
- Ultron
- Red Hulk
- Deathlok
- Vindicator
- Taskmaster
- Monica Rambeau

Despite the mixed feedback the game has. This line up is pure hype. It's got a lot of MCU fan favorites and I love how it's combining both from the movies and canon TV shows. I know who I will be maining (The Destroy of Worlds of course)! Who are you the most hyped to play as?