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sundin13 said:
snyps said:

She changed sides after California turned against her. She switched sides on the issue because of popularity not conviction. Decriminalization is not a price of her moral fiber. She is just doing what politicians do, trying to be electable.

...yeah, exactly.

That was kind of my point. I honestly don't care if it is based on "conviction". Both Biden and Kamala changed positions on numerous issues. That's all that really matters. Like you said, politicians try to be electable (remember when I said early that changing positions was natural for politicians?). As such, I don't understand the assumption that they will sabotage that electability and go "ha, jk" as soon as they take power.

If that’s all you’re looking for, that’s great. That doesn’t do it for me. I want a leader who is dedicated to the principle of liberty, not control. A person who says what you want to hear just wants control.