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sundin13 said:
snyps said:

All I’m saying is records don’t lie, politicians do. There’s no reason to believe a liar has changed. They will say what is popular. If you want more recent records, look at Biden’s VP pick. Harris, a state prosecutor of all things, opposed legalization of marijuana in her state. She co-authored an opposition letter to stop it’s passage, and was successful. 2016 it finally passed without her endorsement. Records show, in her 5 years, Harris sent 1,500 people to state prison (not just jail) for MariJuana related offenses and increased drug dealer convictions from 50% to 75%. Now she created the MORE act. Which I have to read still, but it could be a step in the right direction. 

when I see a police turn it’s lights on I don’t think, “oh good, they caught a bad guy.” Instead I think, “Oh those poor people are being extorted for money.”

Records do lie, if you are using them to assume the future. Harris is a good example of that.

Harris sponsored the Senate version of a bill which would deschedule marijuana and expunge federal convictions, came out in favor of legalization in 2018 and signed/sponsored several bills following through on that. She has repeatedly called for the legalization of marijuana and her record over the last several years is consistent with that position.

If you stood up in 2018 and said that Harris' past would predict her future, you would be dead wrong.

She changed sides after California turned against her. She switched sides on the issue because of popularity not conviction. Decriminalization is not a price of her moral fiber. She is just doing what politicians do, trying to be electable.