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xMetroid said:
curl-6 said:

I just feel like at the moment they're like "we sell like crack without even trying, so why bother actually communicating with our fans or releasing new games?"

There is 2 directs coming this month, just patience. I agreed before, but seeing Halo getting delayed, a LAUNCH title, you can feel the impact of the quarantine in this. They have the Mario collection probably in September still. I know we didn't get much info but it's not only because they are selling out, but mostly cause they probably weren't sure of their own release schedule. Mind you, we still don't really know much about next gen either and they are releasing in like 3 months.

Have to say for the sales tho, incredible performance for the Switch. Kinda scary for anyone to try and launch a system in this environment. 

We'll see; if there is indeed a proper Direct this month (I'm highly skeptical) that actually announces some significant new games and/or gives updates on major games like BOTW2 or at least promised 2020 releases like No More Heroes 3 then I'll agree I was getting hyperbolic.

The problem is, I've been hearing "there's a big Direct coming soon" for almost a year now, and it's never materialized.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 14 August 2020

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