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Ring Fit Adventure Famitsu Sales:

  • 2019: 495.639
  • 2020: 813.785

Wii Fit Famitsu Sales:

  • 2007: 818.166
  • 2008: 2.149.131
  • 2009: 588.258
  • 2010: 6.232

Nintendo sells about 50% of its software in the holiday quarter, so I believe we are likely to see Ring Fit easily sell over 1.5M this year. How high can it go? Well despite all the stock in recent days when you go on the game continues to be resold for Y14,000 while the retail price is Y7,980, that around 75% profit for resellers. If Nintendo can sort out manufacturing and supply we will see the game surpass 2M this year fairly easily. 

Also with the recent NPD results, it's pretty clear the situation is very similar elsewhere, Ring Fit Adventure has a very good chance to surpass 10M units World Wide this year. This is good for retail stores, since its like one of the few games which requires a physical peripheral you cannot download.