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PokeSmash - 6597k vs ACNH - 5445k (to 21W)


First 25 weeks (PokeSmash vs ACNH)

W1: 2603k - 1880k
W2: 827k - 728k
W3: 700k - 423k
W4: 456k - 293k
W5: 498k - 286k
W6: 351k - 284k
W7: 289k - 260k
W8: 234k - 195k
W9: 105k - 130k
W10: 84k - 102k
W11: 66k - 102k
W12: 50k - 98k
W13: 47k - 77k
W14: 48k - 74k
W15: 38k - 70k
W16: 45k - 53k
W17: 40k - 56k
W18: 33k - 72k
W19: 29k - 94k
W20: 26k - 57k
W21: 25k - 108k
W22: 33k
W23: 18k
W24: 17k
W25: 16k