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While most prediction threads here are for launch weeks or LTD sales, I thought I'd offer something a little different for Retro Studios' long awaited return to the Prime franchise.  We know almost nothing about this title to date, which I think makes it the perfect time to do a thread such as this.

While we don't know when this game will launch, we do mostly expect that at the very least it will launch at the very least on the Switch.  It could also launch on its successor, but I can't imagine a world where they would deprive 80 million plus Switch owners the opportunity to buy a title that was announced in 2017.  We also know that just about every Nintendo franchise is breaking records across the board.  It's almost absurd the levels at which some of these games are selling.

What we don't know is when this title will launch or whether it will be received well by critics, longtime fans, or newcomers to the series.  We also don't know for sure that it won't end up being vaporware, but let's set that aside for this prediction thread.  

So what do you think is the LOWEST number of units that Metroid Prime 4 will sell on the Switch (again, assuming it does become a Switch title)?

Last edited by super_etecoon - on 13 August 2020