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- Fusion reactor project in France reaches the assembly stage; if it works, it could provide almost limitless clean energy

- New study suggests infrared laser resonance could be used to treat Alzheimer's by destroying harmful plaques in the brain

- Portugal to shut down all coal power by 2021, two years ahead of schedule

- Renewable energy takes up record share of global electricity production

- There's a baby boom happening among the endangered Mountain Gorillas

- Rhino poaching in South Africa has halved in the first six months of 2020

- Gates Foundation pledge $150 million to make sure COVID-19 vaccine will be affordable and available to some of the world's poorest

- 31 vaccines against COVID-19 are now in human trials, with 8 having reached Phase III, the final stage of testing.

And on a personal note, a close friend of mine who contracted COVID-19 has now made a full recovery.