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Cerebralbore101 said:
Soren0079 said:
I feel like the DS launched at the perfect time, before the touchscreen phones took over. They probably wouldn't have happend that early without the DS.
The Jaguar had a bad launch because IBM only shipped 5000 consoles instead of 1 million and thus they didn't have the money to save the company. Delaying the console would have closed their doors and IBM failing meant they shut down anyway. This failure led to the rushing of the CD addon and the lack of an updated controller and the loss of Rayman as an exclusive mascot.

Phones didn't take over as much as 3DS just dropped the ball. It was overly expensive, tiny, and had no games. Had they launched with a $150 2DS XL in winter 2011 they would have done way better. Glasses free 3D dragged the 3DS down in much the same way that the tablet controller dragged the Wii U down. Without either gimmick both the DS successor and the Wii U would have been affordable systems.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

The Super Famicom was definitely a successful system, but it was also rushed, at least in Japan.  NEC and Sega had already released their next gen systems and Nintendo had to play catch up to get out their 16bit system.  Super Mario World definitely felt rushed even though it was still a good game.  I mean in Mario 3 the big new powerup is a Racoon Tail where you fly, while in Super Mario World the big new power up was...a cape...where you fly.  Wait isn't that the same thing?  Yeah, definitely a rush job.

Super Mario World was rushed? They worked on that thing for 2-3 years. It was ready for launch, and IMO is one of the 5 masterpieces of the SNES. The other four being Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Super Metroid, and A Link to the Past.

They worked on it 2 years while also working on Link to the Past.  There is a 2 year gap between Mario 3 and World.  There is a 4 year gap between Zelda 2 and Link to the Past.  Considering that Mario World was the first game released on brand new technology, yeah it was rushed.  Most people who lived through the NES and SNES eras will say that Mario 3 is better.  Mario World mostly seems exceptional, because its the only new Mario game on the SNES.

Speaking personally, Mario 3 feels a lot more polished than Mario World.  Mario World is too easy and isn't as densely packed with secrets like Mario 3.  It's still a good game, not denying that, but it feels rushed.