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sethnintendo said:
snyps said:

Sadder still is that people base their votes on the stuff these candidates say in the debates and web, rather than looking up what the candidates did on record. People believe anything. 

I'm pretty sure Biden has a better track record than Trump.

Let me see Trump University - scam, Trump Charity - scam, Several failed casinos, racist false attacks against Obama being one of the most outspoken birther, shitty ass TV show, and I can keep going on

Trump is obviously someone that no one should vote for. Biden is less obvious but still horrendous if you look at his record. 

As you stated in another post, America has had a racist prison system from the beginning. From Chinese (opium ban) railroad workers to crack cocaine having a higher prison sentence than powder cocaine. That last one is a more recent federal law that was written by everyone’s favorite white fella Good ole Joe. But as you know, that’s not the only federal law he authored, he wrote/co-wrote the 80s & 90s bills that became the current Federal crime laws. If you like the federal crime laws, you’re free to do that, but they are racist laws. It’s no coincidence that jails/prisons are mostly filled with African Americans and Mexican Americans. Now he picked a prosecutor as his VP. The irony is, he’ll have the black vote “locked up” now.