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Where is this nonsense of microtranactions dont do well on Switch coming from? Reality says this is complete bullcrap! Fortnite and all the free to play games say hello. Overwatch is doing so poorly they went ahead and greenlit Overwatch 2. Also EA announced Apex Legends coming to Switch. Rogue Company was announced in a direct and recently released, which Nintendo timed with their latest direct(Partners showcase).

Some of you need to get out of your gamer bubbles and take a look at reality. Nintendos efforts have failed because they have been terrible to begin with. Kirby isn't a real effort at all but as always the Pokemon franchise will open their eyes. Pokemon Go showed them smartphones games can make money and Pokemon Unite will show the same. Its coming to Switch for a reason.

You all are aware you can use the eshop search function to find out which are the most downloaded games right? Fortnite sits above all else almost all the time. Only Animal crossing gave it trouble for a few weeks and now its back to getting demolished by Fortnite.