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BlackBeauty said:
Soundwave said:
Current Switch, doesn't seem like it, though I don't see why they don't try porting some of the legacy COD games. They'd probably sell fairly well.

Switch 2 I think will get COD. They will take the XBox Series S version and cut the resolution down to something like 360p undocked/576p docked, but with DLSS that will show up as 720-1080p undocked, 1440p docked, perfectly fine resolutions.

Switch ain’t getting COD because of hardware. It’s the culture Nintendo has harbor with the audience opposing micro transactions that’s the stick in the mud here. 

COD runs on mobile.....

Is that COD as in the PS4/XB1 games running on mobile? If not, then that's not really the same thing and I don't think many people would want some watered down phone spin-off on the Switch anyway.