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Law Enforcement - It was great to get a crash course on the Amendments as well as Federal and State laws. God knows I've needed them when dealing with politics.

Physical Education - Great way to stay in shape and be active. Plus, the teacher was old school and liked to rib the students over harmless fun.

Physics - My #1 favorite. The experiments were really cool and we loved having the chance to get out of the classroom. But most of all, my all-time favorite teacher was in this course and she didn't just teach me Physics. I took this class during my Senior Year of high school. And that was a very dark time in my life. I was horribly depressed, had crippling anxiety, didn't know what I wanted to do with my life or what direction I was headed, and was even borderline suicidal. Then, one day during the 2nd semester. I just broke down. I pulled my hoodie over my head so nobody would see me, but she did. She asked me to stay after class and talk to her. And I just broke. That conversation was the turning point of my entire outlook in my Senior Year, and really my whole life, now that I think about it. She gave me the wisdom and resolve I needed during a really, REALLY hard time in my life and I honestly believe if not for her, I would not be here today.

The best teachers aren't necessarily the ones who teach their subject the best, they're the ones who provide you with the wisdom, knowledge, and tools you need to become the best version of yourself and help become a responsible, good-hearted, working adult. The ones who take boys and girls and turns them into men and women. A great, real teacher is like having a 3rd parent in a lot of ways. And man, was I lucky to have that with my Physics teacher. (Thank you, Ms. L! Love you.)