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It surprises me that COD isn't on the Switch when it was on mobile, DS & Wii. The argument some people bring up is that "the Switch can't handle it". However, we've seen one of the biggest most graphically demanding games this gen like the Witcher 3 make there way on Switch, which imo is more demanding than COD MW.

Plus, we've seen COD on the DS, which is equivalent to down-scaling a PS3 game to work on the PS1 at that point, and the power gap between PS4/Switch is much smaller.

Plus the Switch's install base is filled with many more hardcore gamers than the DS/Wii with software & 3rd Party games selling better than ever on the Switch with the Switch's install base blowing past the Xbox One and possibly the PS4 in the future

At least a COD Mobile port or an older COD would be welcome on Switch, but we got nothing. What do you guys think is holding off Activision from porting COD to Switch?