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padib said:
thismeintiel said:
No. The interest in Wii died quickly after 2010 and sales completely plummeted. Not even dropping the price to $149, packaged with its most popular title, saved it from continuing its plunge. Having a couple extra titles on it wasn't going to change that.

It's a chicken and egg question, because the interest in Wii probably died due to nearly nonexistent support to favor WiiU games dev.

Yeah, the sales dried up because the supply of strong software stopped. As has previously been pointed out, the Wii got a 10 million plus selling third party game in 2011, with Just Dance 3, showing that interest in the platform had not died at all and there was still an active audience on Wii. Nintendo had simply clocked out at this point, not just in terms of the quantity of their support but also the type; Skyward Sword for example, while a great game, made a lot of design choices that rubbed the fans the wrong way, while the expanded audience was all but abandoned.

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