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^^ Nice list, also good film in your profile pic - Whisper of the Heart epitomizes the making of a great charming story out of mundane situations. One of my favourite animated films ever.

Also, relevant to an extent based on recent current events (lyrics are kind of sad):

Speaking of the Human League, while they're not the first act to have a hit that heavily relied on synthesizers (I think that's Cat Stevens), they're the first real synthpop band. While they had been around for 5 years, their first massive hit didn't come until 1981 with Don't You Want Me, their fourth single from their signature album, Dare. I Love You Too Much has two versions, the one I've pasted is the more chaotic rawer original, most prefer the more produced version which I admit has a bit more depth. of sound. The next song is IMO, their best music video, Keep Feeling Fascination (which features Philip Oakey dressed in drag. Their popularity declined drastically during the grunge/alternative gap of the early 1990s, but then they sprung back scoring multiple top 40 hits in the mid-1990s when synthpop. The last song on my list is "All I Ever Wanted" which was their final charting hit that wasn't a re-release/remix.

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