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zkp said:
Hello, i have some questions.
How Did Isaac know about Storm which will hit an Island in couple of days? No idea.

Who was responsible for whole tlou2 event - Joel or Abby? I read some posts and i'm confused because i'm sure IT was all Joel fault. Joel is 100% responsible. Which is why I laugh at all these people on YouTube who bitch about his death and hate Abby to Hell and back when Joel had it coming.

Why people think Ellie should never leave farm? she still can't handle her trauma and ptsd. A lot of people wanted her to just let it go and move on with her life with Dina and JJ and not put her throw it away just to go after Abby again. What would have happened to Dina and JJ if she died and never came back? It’s like Dina said, “She doesn’t get to be more important that this (Their family).”

Why people were shocked that Tommie is alive? It was very obvious that bullet Did not kill him. With how much death we had already encountered up to that point in the game and the camera angle was pretty obscure, we though Tommy was down for the count for good after those two shots from Abby and Lev.

And i still can not figure it out this whole - disrespect for the characters etc.
Just a bunch of pissed off fanboys who can’t get over the fact that they killed Joel in the first 2 hours of the game. That’s all it is.

I think that's all.