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JRPGfan said:
src said:
FFXV was the previous fastest selling FF game. It did:

5 million launch shipment
6 million shipped and sold after 1.5 months (holiday season)
7 million shipped and sold after 1 year

FF7R on one platform will outsell it. It also has already broken digital records for SE: 2 million digital on PSN alone.
I expect FF16 and FF7R2 to be timed exclusive to PS5 considering SE can break records with the Playstation userbase by itself.

This is the crazy part.
5-6 months to do 5m+ as a exclusive is pretty decent for FF7R.

What about the size of the userbase when both game were released on the market.

FF7R was released on 108M userbase 

FFXV was released on ?? Userbase