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SvennoJ said:
GrahfsLament said:

I may be the only person alive who didn't have an issue with Lair's motion controls. I played all the way through it with the Sixaxis, and I really enjoyed it. None of my friends liked the controls either, but they just clicked(?) for me. To be fair, I was also one of the people that used motion controls (I think reasonably well) to play Warhawk and Starhawk.

Also, on the off chance you still have it and a PS3, etc. They actually patched in stick controls so that you don't have to use motion at all.

Interesting, I do still have the game and a working PS3. The controllers are a bit iffy though lol, but it might work with a DS4 as well.

I got stuck in a stealth level, I couldn't get the finesse needed to avoid all the light beams. That game would be quite lovely as a psvr remake.

Fun fact: if you can't get either the DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 to work and you still have a working PSP, Lair is, to the best of my knowledge, the only retail (or disc-based) PS3 game that will play on the PSP via Remote Play (there are a handful of PSN games that will as well). So, there's that!

To your other point, I could see it being compelling in VR. I do understand that people hated the motion controls, but I often think that the game received at least a little more hate than it deserved (I certainly didn't think it was bad enough to warrant the fallout of Factor 5 going out of business).

Also, while the motion controls and Sixaxis function was fine for me (loved High Velocity Bowling, actually), the Sixaxis controllers (not the Sixaxis function on the DualShock 3s) were not. The Sixaxis controllers had this weird timing out issue every so often where the controller would act as though you were pushing the analog stick for a second or two even if you weren't touching it (I was definitely walked off of more than a few ledges in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls...thanks, Sixaxis!!). At any rate, I always wondered if that issue cropped up into the motion sensing and further exacerbated things for some people.

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