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New First Party Games (next iteration in these series)
Advance Wars
Punch Out
Excite Truck
Wii Sports Resort
2D Mario

First Party Remake/Remaster (basically the same game with updated graphics)
First 3 Zeldas
Mother 3
Every "new" 2D Mario in one collection

New Third Party Games
Octopath Traveler 2
Next Final Fantasy Tactics
Fantasy Life 2
Revive Shining Force
Valkyria Chronicles 5
Revive Golden Axe
Another D&D game from Dragon's Crown creator
Civilization Revolution 2
new Roller Coaster Tycoon made by original creator

Third Party Ports
Lost Odyssey
Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Dark Souls 2 & 3
Ultima Series collection (all remastered)
D&D Gold Box collection (all remastered)