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I was a big 360 guy, until I wasn't. Had it for 11 months. 22 physical games, and about a dozen XBLA games. My own troubles with it, the tact Microsoft was employing with the RROD situation, and the looming threat that presented, in addition to the problems I already had, saw me trade it in all in to EB Games. Lustily. Can you trade something in at EB Games lustily? Yes.

I tried to get a Wii for a solid year, but was unable to find one due to the shortages, eventually giving up completely once the PS3 began kicking into higher gears.

Bought a PS3 in summer 2007, roughly 9 months after it launched. My PS3 collection absolutely dwarfs what I had for the 360. I also bought 4 of them. My 60gb Phat was fried by a lightning strike, 40+ hours into Demon's Souls. 2 slims still running, and a Super Slim still new in the box.

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