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Pok87 said:

The announcement of the Pikmin port made me realize some things.

First of all, that WiiU was a financial failure, but now Nintendo is making up for this loss with remasters that go down in the millions - so the cost of producing WiiU games has already paid off many times.

Second, the WiiU could live longer and enjoy better sales if it got more remasters from the Wii and Gamecube to fill the publishing gaps. Zelda remasters seem to have come out, but it was not enough. The Metroid Prime HD trilogy released for the premiere could convince some players. Likewise, Super Mario Sunshine HD and a few other titles to patch holes in the release plan. Especially if they got new content in the bonus. Of course, the Switch also gained focus on one console. During the WiiU era, Nintendo also had to support 3DS.

Third, least obvious, the Switch's success was largely built on the failure of the WiiU. Thanks to these remasters, Nintendo has nicely enriched its publishing plan. The defeat of the WiiU led to the launch of the consoles, Zelda and Mario Kart 8, which have been selling well to date. These two games continue to drive console sales. If WiiU did not pass such a fail and sold, say, at the N64 level, it would probably live a year longer, and Swich might not have so many ports (Zelda would then be released in 2016). Thus, paradoxically, the severe defeat of the WiiU made Nintendo earn more than if the sales were not so bad.

Fourth, that the next Nintendo console won't be that easy. Unless Nintendo starts releasing Switch remasters ;)

What do you think about it?

PS. I have an idea for the name of the new Nintendo console: Wii Switch U XD

I think part of the reason these ports are selling well on Switch is specifically because the Wii U flopped, and because of that not a lot of people played those games. People already had the Wii games, so I don't think it would have made a huge difference.