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Wii U power while weak was less of an issue than what was powering it. An ancient CPU from 2000. A GPU from 2007. Nintendo's own shit API from Gamecube and Wii. Switch while more powerful sure but more important was more modern chipsets and more modern features. There is no universe where Wii U succeeds. Even if you have better marketing. The name and hardware are an issue. The other issue is, it's a halfway there idea. It had two ideas and was bad at both. A console version of the DS idea. It was an idea 8 years old and 3DS just released the year before. The other was the promise of play games in a tablet...if only 20 feet away at most.

Switch benefited from Wii U ports as it was not BC. Wii U played every Wii game. Would you really pay $50 for a shat out HD port when your console already plays the Wii version and you have it still? The switch helps get away with it that for every Wii U port there are a dozen combined new first and third-party games worth picking up. Also, remakes/remasters are just a trend with games and films. They would have ported stuff anyway. I think it slowly started in the 16-bit era with Super Mario All-Stars/ Ninja Gaiden Trilogy/  Mega Man Wily Wars and so forth. PS1 got a number of SNES ports. Saturn launched with ports of Genesis games. PS2 era we got ports of PS1 games. Capcom charged $40 for each port of RE on Gamecube(note not talking about the remakes). They were $5 on PS1 in a Gamestop lol. Last gen it exploded and never stopped. So that was going to happen anyway.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!