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OP NOte: ***[As of this post I will not be expanding the word count beyond 10.  The limitation is what makes this exercise so fun.  It gives you only 10 words to adjust the path of the story, which is enough to make it bend, but not quite enough to give it guidance.  Your ability to use those 10 words is where your skill comes in.  I'll look again at this in a while, but I think everyone is doing a great job within the limitations.  I will make grammatical corrections as needed and will try to stick as close to the original intention of the author. Sometimes I will just have to err on the side of logic, though, as I really don't want to have to omit any entries after multiple additional entries have been added.  I must say, by the way, that you guys are doing a great job both with your creativity and with sticking to the guidelines.  I'm not on VGC all the time and it's great to see that even during my absence you guys are able to stick to the guidance and self police when necessary.  Thanks for helping to create this thread and I can't wait to see what happens next.]***

Knock, knock.  The sound that would change his life forever.

He ignored the sound like every other signal in his

Visual Novels. It is why he is so bad at

calculus. He looked at the door and heard another knock

then wondered to himself why he was completely naked and

decided he should at least put some pants on before.

He opened his wardrobe only to be greeted with

a smell that skunks would avoid and people will generally

bottle up and sell for exorbitant fees in a konbini.

Clothed in his finest dungarees now he opened the door.

A large, black cloaked, teary-eyed old man reached out

and punched John in the face. The cloaked dude bellowed: "I

do believe John's face just shattered my hand". Regretfully he

realized he had said this aloud, which made him laugh

uncontrollably. It eventually reached a point that he swallowed his

cigarette and began to choke on it. "Have you tried

just saying hello with words instead of fists?" John barked.

"Listen to me you son of a bitch. Don't Shouldn't you

should be studying "Magical Matter Calculus", MMC test is tomorrow!"

John commenced to mooing for 14 hours straight again, but

then the skies opened up and an alien ship appeared!

The aliens weren't particularly interested in John but still dumped

a batch of nanobots that entered his body and began

[to] shutdown. No wrong could be found in the perfect specimen.

This specimen consumed knowledge no one have ever had and

could guide them to the Irish artefact, they

had been seeking since they first drank Guinness and discovered