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Pinkie_pie said:
And don't you ever even look at my wife again.
super_etecoon said:

Let's write a story together, everyone.  Stop on by, read the story so far, then add your own ten words to the plot.  I'll condense the story into paragraph form as it gets longer to make it easier for everyone to read.

A few rules to start:

  • Please keep your addition to the story at 10 words (no more, no less).
  • Please refrain from gibberish, unless it fits into the context of dialogue, the story, etc.  If an addition just appears to be random words   without any attempt to continue the story it will be edited out of the paragraph form.
  • You must wait for two posts before you post again.
  • If someone beats you to a post, you must edit yours.  Failure to do so will result in your post being ignored.  Happy accidents where you post still flows with the story will be allowed. 
  • Let's keep it clean.  We're not writing a hentai here.  Forum rules apply, of course.
  • Further rules may be added if necessary, but hopefully won't be required.
  • Have fun, get creative, don't be afraid to take risks.

I'll begin here:

Knock, knock.  The sound that would change his life forever.

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