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What does birth control means? State controlling birth rate or personal birth control methods like pills and condoms? Well, for me:

Shouldn't even be subject of moral debate:

- Birth Control

- Drinking Alcohol
- Divorce
- Sex between an unmarried man and woman
- Gay or lesbian relations
- Having a baby outside marriage
- Polygamy (if it's consensual)
- Suicide: I don't see this as a matter of moral debate, unless we really looking for it from a religious standpoint

Morally acceptable

- Gambling
- Stem cell research using human embryos
- Abortion
- Sex between teenagers (if they are 14 or over, but it's a loose definition)
- Pornography
- Cloning animals

Morally debatable

- Smoking marijuana: Smoking itself is alright, but most of weed here comes from illegal traffic that kills thousands of poor youth a year only for some upper middle class guys have some fun, this is so fucked up. I would never buy illegal marijuana knowing how negatively it impacts society
- Medical testing on animals: It's cruel and shouldn't happen, but well... we need tests right?
- The death penalty: I'm not pro death penalty myself, but I don't find it at all imoral for people who just can't live in society. The only problem is, death penalty is definitive, while life imprisonment is not. So better go for life imprisonment even if it's much more expensive
- Doctor-assisted suicide: I can't pick a side here
- Cloning humans: Don't know enough

Morally unacceptable

- Buying and wearing clothing made of animal fur: Synthetic fabric is much cheaper and is higher quality, absolutely no reason for this kind of animal exploitation
- Married men and women having an affair: Monogamous relationship is a social contract, having a case is a betrayal of this mutual agreement. It may not be a crime, but it is not moral

Last edited by IcaroRibeiro - on 06 August 2020