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By 2023, the Switch 2 should be able to be better than what the Switch 1 was to the PS4/XB1.

The Tegra X1 came out in spring 2015 for an affordable $199.99 Shield box, that was only about 16 months after the PS4 launched.

16 months after the PS5 launches takes you into spring 2022 only actually.

So 2023 would be an extra year tacked on to that, the Tegra X1 would be 8 years old by then, which is actually a year older than the PS4 is when it will be replaced (2013-2020).

Then you have to factor in DLSS 2.0 into that equation too, DLSS 2.0 basically makes a chip conservatively 2-3x more powerful in effective terms because it reduces the native resolution by such a huge degree. This is something the first Switch/Tegra X1 did not have the benefit of.