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Yeah, I thought that would have been the case too, but apparently the same thing happened with Earthbound when it came out on Wii U VC.

My Suikoden II was once worth about 600-1200 USD used, now down to 180 USD, so its dropped even more. Sealed versions are still worth quite a lot though. Suikoden 1 has gone WAY up, before a used copy wouldn't sell for more than 50 USD - and could be purchased for a lot cheaper than that, now it's up to the 80-200 USD value. So, I don't know, maybe there are other things that impact value.

Personally speaking, the SNES was my most played Nintendo console all the way up to the Wii, and the Wii replaced enough of the available games with digital versions that I put down my SNES for the last time early in the Wii generation. PSX would have been my most played Sony platform until I began picking up all the games on the Vita - and now I can't go back to it because my memory cards were all no longer working last time I checked.

Honestly, there are some Wii games that I wouldn't even want to sell - especially the IR third-person shooters which is an experience I don't think will be had again any time soon unless some smart developer actually uses the Joycons to their potential. Also, the Wii had the best line-up of rail shooters - they were similar to the light-gun style shooters of old, except better. Its one of the things I'm pissed off hasn't made its way onto the Switch... anyway, for a Wii collection, I'd say get ahold of those. Unfortunately, some of those are download only.

I collect games because I play a lot and never sell so I don't have a habit of watching prices rise or fall. Sure, it's a nice surprise when topics like this come up and I learn something is worth more than expected.

That's seems too high to be real. It's been said that a game is only worth what someone will pay. Anyone can pull a price out of their ass for an Ebay listing, doesn't mean it'll move. Did it actually sell at that price? I'd attribute price fluctuations on people overestimating value then coming back down.

Dunno if this is true as I haven't done the research, if someone wants to play a rare game but isn't interested in the high price do they affect the value when a digital version comes out? The flip side would be when something is rereleased and sparks new interest, does value rise because physical copies are in higher demand? I mean it sounds logical and all.

I don't have the space to keep 20 consoles connected to one TV so I backed up much of my collection using Retropi. I do want to replay classics once in a while but I'm always busy with new stuff. Really? Makes me want to see if mine still do. I have a lot of saves with hours of effort on them. KotR on FF7, fully unlocked Soul Blade and Jet Moto 2, etc.

pricecharting.com uses actual sales from ebay, and amazon to calculate their prices. A game has to sell before it's sale price gets added to the average price.

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