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trunkswd said:
UnderwaterFunktown said:

Well it seems people must be getting their numbers from different places. I used the June 27 comparison chart and that has the PS4 at 111,94 mil as of June 27:

I said in my post 400k since I used that number as is. If you take the average between this and July 4 (112,14 by the comparison chart) you get 112-ish, so that's why people are saying 300k.

Since that article was posted there were some minor adjustments to the PS4 figures following NPD June numbers. While we didn't get exact leaks we know hardware revenue was down 17 percent year-on-year. Before the adjustments all three consoles were up year-on-year by a decent amount.Barkley's numbers are right with what we currently have. However, as people have pointed out we are likely a little bit overtracked even with it selling it as it takes time for consoles to ship. 

I'll be doing some minor adjustments to our PS4 figures. Our figures in the Americas and Japan should be close enough, so the adjustments need to be done in Europe and rest of Asia.

I had  a feeling for weeks that the European PS4 numbers were too high to be true. Seems like my feeling was correct in the end.