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Leynos said:
Dreamcast was. It's Japan launch lineup in 1998 was not ready so it was pretty bare. Should have waited for a year for a worldwide launch. As much as I love DC. If I could retroactively change some things. I'd add DVD playback. A second analog stick and 24MB of the main ram on top of the 8MB of Vram. It was a well-designed console but just needed a little more oomph.

Saturn and 360 are the biggest offenders. Saturn was a great console of the Japanese library but man was it complex and a mess. Powerful but difficult to work with. I don't have articles from 2005 on a defunct website handy but as I recall DS was originally meant to be a dual-screen GBA. I can't confirm this tho. The rumblings of PSP's power in 2003 I believe left Nintendo to change the hardware to be a 3D machine fairly late. I think this is why a lot of 3rd party games early on did not look like anything better than a slightly enhanced GBA game.

Sega should of waited for Broadband, dial up was super expensive back in the day.