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Mandalore76 said:


Launched in 2006 with $500 and $600 price points due to being built around an expensive blu-ray player.  The PS2 was still selling extraordinarily well.  Sony could have saved themselves a ton of losses if they had waited until the technology became cheaper rather than burning through all of the PS2's profit by selling the PS3 at a substantial loss.

Rememeber Ylod?

It's the rushed console of all. Eat all profits sony has. If the PS4 failed, Sony would be out of the console market now. Just to demonstrate how the PS3 was a hurried project that hurt the company a lot.

Switch and DS is not a rushed product. The problems, the joycon drift, is a new tech. New tech always has minor problems, at a first. And DS, what problems have? 

GBA agreed, the GBA SP is the true version.